About Us

We are small family store with big ambitions to make someone's life a little better, a little easier, healthier, and less painful.

We are the pioneers in this e-commerce model where we allow our customers to negotiate the prices (look for the "Make Offer" button on the product page to submit your offer to us). *NOTE: some brands do not allow discounts and are excluded (don't have "Make Offer" button on the product page)

Everyone's situation is different and some people need to get their supplements & vitamins on the monthly basis which can be pretty expensive and not always affordable. 

Our mission is to offer the best vitamins and supplements to our customers and ... at the best prices! We will strive to offer the best deal possible to our customers.

We negotiated the best prices with our suppliers and are extending these savings to you! ...And this where we need YOUR HELP - the more products we sell the better wholesale prices our suppliers will offer to us and the better prices we can give to you, our customer.

So, please spread the word, signup to our newsletter, and share the information about our store! The best advertising is the word of the mouth advertising! Thank you!

We don't make as much money as the other supplement stores but that is ok! If we can help one person at a time, it is good enough for us!

God Bless!

- Make Offer Vitamins TEAM